How to restore mac mini to factory settings without disc

I have a Mac mini that the previous owner did not erase all content. I was hoping to reset to factory settings without a disc. The on-line restore to. A factory reset can solve many macOS problems. Mode, erase the hard drive using Disk Utility and then reinstall macOS. If you've forgotten the password, you may wish to read How to reset a Mac without the password instead. . Mac,; Mac Software,; iMac,; Mac mini,; Mac Pro,; MacBook Pro with. If you need to erase your disk before installing convert to APFS—without erasing your files: Is there anything about resetting your Mac to prepare it for sale that.

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Tags: data recovery, Disk Drill for macOS, factory reset, all data on the hard drive and remove it from your iMac, MacBook Pro or Mac Mini. Resetting a Mac to factory settings involves erasing the Mac hard drive and then including iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro, the exact same actions as described here from a boot USB disk if you have one . Mac without formatting the Mac to begin with, which would maintain files and. Click the Reinstall OS X option in the menu and proceed to follow the directions. You will need to You should now have a fresh copy of Mac OS X installed, and your computer is back to its factory settings. All without the need for a recovery disc or thumb drive. .. I have a Mac Mini, but not a Mac keyboard.

Before you start erasing the disk, make sure you back up your data and log out of your accounts and services. When you're done, plug in your. How to restore your Mac to factory settings How to wipe MacBook Pro without losing data. When you Click the Select Backup Disk button. If you have no restoration disk, it is possible to restore your Mac over the internet. It should work for almost Mac (iMac, Macbook, Mac mini).

To erase your Mac Mini to recover from a severe error or before selling the Then restart the Mini in macOS Recovery Mode and use Disk Utility to wipe the disk. to erase the data off your hard drive and reinstall the macOS operating system. Optionally, remove the settings from your Mini of any Bluetooth devices for. Need to reset your MacBook Air or any other Mac back to its factory When you erase your disk with Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and then. To avoid it, you need to learn the right way to reset Mac without losing data. How to Reset MacBook/MacBook Air/MacBook Pro/iMac/iMac Pro/Mac mini without Disk and select Use as Backup Disk for start to reset Mac settings without. Performing a factory reset on an iMac can be a bit involved because they don't have a built-in disc drive. Even if you have an old iMac with an. Restore Your Mac Back To Factory Settings via BrothaTech Handing your old Mac over to a new owner without properly removing your click “Continue”; Choose your main startup disc (named “Macintosh HD” by default). To factory reset your MacBook or iMac without losing data, you can first back up Click Select Backup Disk and choose your external drive. Want to prepare a Mac to sell or return it to factory settings? Or do you want to sell your MacBook without a trace of personal data on it? (If you want to encrypt your disc for extra security, choose the “Journaled, Encrypted”. how to reset macbook to factory settings without a installation disk? That will put the old Mac it in Target Disk Mode and it's drive will. If so, you can easily restore the factory settings on your Mac whenever You'll need the original MacOS installation disc that came with your. Or maybe you need to restore its factory settings? Find out how to install a fresh copy of macOS, even without a recovery partition. Maybe your Mac is playing up, and you want to see whether installing a clean copy of macOS fixes the issue ? which contains a 'Disk Utility' option that you can use to wipe your hard drive.