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Miss Continental' is an annual female impersonation pageantry system founded in by Jim Flint. It takes place at the Baton Show Lounge in Chicago and is usually held over Labor Day weekend. Winners[edit] , Brooke Lynn Hytes. , Tiffany T. Hunter. , Jazell Barbie Royale. , Shantell D'Marco. Winners Year Miss Continental Chilli Pepper Heather Fontaine [1][2] In , the pageant was renamed to Miss Trans Star International. Miss Continental - Top Fourteen Finalist . Plus joined by the many former Miss Continental Plus winners in attendance at this year's pageant.

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Pageant Preliminaries · MR & Miss Pageants The Mr & Miss Continental Pageants are held annually over Labor Day Weekend. The Miss Continental. Miss Continental Winner – Jazell Barbie Royale; 1st Alternate – Sunny Dee Lite; 2nd Alternate – Brittany T. Moore; 3rd Alternate. This could be your first step to become Miss Continental Please join us Here you will be able find information about upcoming preliminaries, preliminary winners and our promoters. Ask a question September 12, at PM.

Windy City Times News Archive - Jazell Barbie Royale is Miss Continental Jazell Barbie Royale rose from a field of 40 contestants to be. Parliament House Entertainment Director Darcel Stevens has been crowned Miss Continental Plus Miss Continental Plus is a part of. Sonia Diaz aka Sunny De Lite ~ Miss Continental preliminaries Labor Day . Before they answered their questions, who did you think was going to win.

Winner: Chantel Rashae.. $ Add to Cart. Continental, Elite WINNER: Fontasia L'amour Pre-Order Miss Continental Elite ONLY Shipping M. The Miss Continental pageant was last month and there has been some controversy surrounding the outcome. more controversy, especially because the winner (Shantell D'Marco) trips, . July 25, Views. Miss Continental Pageant finalists with founder Jim Flint. Labor Day is always exciting because it heralds the finals of the Miss Continental Pageant, . Final Throne Chicago: If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you won't wanna miss this » November · October · September · August · July .

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Aurora Sexton, winner Armani, 1st runner-up Mokha Montrese, 2nd runner-up Naysha Lopez and Kim Moore. The Miss Continental Pageant. Miss Missouri Continental Plus .. She was so close to win Miss Gay USofA , her talent was .. Mimi won Miss'd America in bdmlyv.me: Miss Continental Pageant: Miss Continental Pageant: Movies & TV. RLG I won't say who won but the pageant was interesting. new Winner MISS INTERCONTINENTAL from México Veronica Salas Miss Intercontinental Puerto Rico – Heilymar Rosario, Continental Queen. Seychellois Isabel Lavigne won the Miss Hospitality title at the Miss local competition for Miss Continental organised for the first time. The Miss Continental Pageant is held every Labor Day weekend in Chicago do my annual post to tell you loyal TransGriot readers who won. From left to right: Amalara Sofía Miss Legendary Continental ; Lolita Lolita Golightly, Miss Boston Continental , also won the Talent. The US Continental Pageant was developed to recognize the modern woman of the 21st century. Women should be Instagram_logo_svg · images (1). Miss Europe Continental 4th Edition: Anna Semenkova Born: February 26, ( Russia) Crowned: November 19, Miss Europe Continental 3th Edition. On February 4, , Michael Dutzer and Rob Mansman of Mad Angel . *5 Coti Collins is the longest competing Miss Gay America winner. Today, Miss Continental has preliminaries representing various U.S. states as well as Canada and.

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